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E3 2016 Coverage Schedule

As previously stated, we at MMOExaminer will be covering E3 2016 in partnership with Mustapha’s Game Room. We now have the official coverage schedule. Note that all times are in EST.


Sunday June 12th:

EA: 3:45pm-6pm
Bethesda: 9:30pm-11pm

Monday June 13th:

Microsoft: 12:30-2
Ubisoft: 4-6
Sony: 9-11

Tuesday June 14th:

Nintendo: 12-2

Now with this of course, there is room for alterations as necessary, as well as the addition of some show floor coverage. But the point here, is that there’s now a more set in stone schedule, and coverage is going to be constant throughout the E3 experience. The stream will include pre-conference commentary and predictions, as well as post conference reactions and evaluation.

We’ll also be trying to cover companies that might not have press conferences, such as Blizzard and Nexon. All streams will be on Twitch, and are set to be archived for YouTube as well. The stream is also set to be embedded here on MMOExaminer for the duration of the expo.

Again, E3 is a time of retrospection and prediction, as well as a time where the gaming community comes together to share a global enthusiasm for our favorite creative medium. More details will be given over the next few days.

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