Dying Light Shows How Many Zombies Have Been Killed

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If you are fond of massacring zombies and stampeding the undead, yet are left wondering just how many enemies may or may not have wiped off the face of the planet, then Dying Light has released something that might be of interest to you.

Since the launch of the game, millions of players have smashed, kicked and stomped the undead masses in countless ways in both Dying Light and Dying Light: The Following. After a further surge of player numbers, Techland have managed to gather a selection of records set by players and placed their findings in the following video.

As a way of saying thanks to all of the players that managed to create these wonderful and murderous achievements, Techland will this weekend activate “HyperMode”. From 8pm on September 16th through to 7am on September 19th (Pacific Time), Dying Light players will see their in-game characters with some rather unique added abilities, with bouts of overly powered strength, improved motor skills and an even more effective drop kick.

For those of you who haven’t picked the game up yet, then digital versions of Dying Light: The Following are now on sale at the official Dying Light website, available worldwide on Xbox One and the Americas on PlayStation 4.

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