Dungeons, Pets and Bosses: Blade and Soul’s June 1 Vengeance Breaks Update

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Jinsoyun is still not quite as dead as she should be, and Blade and Soul’s 2.2 update coming on the 1st of June will let players have another attempt with 5 other members on each run at what is hopefully a final head to head battle in the Altar of Divine will.


This again?


Aside from the Altar of Divine Will, two more dungeons will be added to the game:


Sundered Nexus will be open to 4-member and 6-member groups who will face a mechanized Be Ido, while Zaiwei Ruins invites groups of 24 members at a time to help quell the invasion of typically demonic creatures walking, running, crawling and flying out through a portal to the Dark Realm.

Players will also have the opportunity to challenge the Tower of Infinity, where they can go on a solo flight against AI-controlled opponents on each floor in a race against the clock. See how far you can go before time runs out!

To help with the new challenges, Hongmoon Level 15 is now unlocked which players can attain by gaining experience.


Also, pets. blade and soul pets

The game will allow the ability to adopt and take care of creatures that will provide defensive buffs, companionship and entertainment for players looking for a furry friend to take with them on their journey.


Check out NCSOFT’s official Blade and Soul website for more information about the update.

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