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Dungeon Fighter Online – Female Slayer’s 2nd Awakening Unleashed

Ever since the announcement and eventual release of the Female Slayer class in Neople’s free-to-play arcade-styled side-scrolling action RPG, Dungeon Fighter Online (DFO), the class has topped the popularity charts. The class’s popularity may be attributed to its dominating performance in both PvE and PvP arenas, and its incredibly fluid combos. In today’s update, the Female Slayer finally receives what fans have been asking for: a 2nd awakening.

DFO - Female Slayer 2nd Awakening

For those unaware of the class progression system in DFO, when a player “awakens” their characters, they unlock additional skills and receive stat increases. In other words, awakening is essentially job advancements found in other MMOs. Each of the four different types of Female Slayers will receive one new passive skill, two new active skills, and most importantly, their 2nd awakening skill upon completion of their respective 2nd awakening quests. Gamers of all types will understand the excitement that such an update delivers to the community.

As always, the trailers produced by Neople incorporate an epic action soundtrack which supplements the riveting gameplay. Check out the newest one on Female Slayers’ 2nd Awakening:

For those enticed by the trailer and wish to challenge the dungeons of Arad personally, now is the perfect time to enlist. Accompanying this update are events that target new/returning players, allowing them to progress faster and receive notable loot. Examples of what new/returning Female Slayers can specifically expect are EXP boosts and high-tier equipment sets. Check out the game here if you’re interested. I look forward to challenging the darkest dungeons with you all. Happy slaying!

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