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Duck Force Is Out On Early Access!

Duck Force is an indie virtual reality adventure game in which you take the role of a member of the Duck Force. You play as a duck that participates in a bunch of challenges and evolves from a lame duck to a powerful flight master.

The game is set in the stone age where the bunny people are the most dominant race in the world. The bunny people also have a lunatic leader that strives for power. Your task is to fly through dry deserts and narrow canyons as you take on all the levels that are awaiting you. At the end of each climate zone, a boss will be ready to combat.


The developer, Andreas Aust, made few things clear.  The Early Access version of the game has all of the features that the full game will have, except it has one level. So the next 1-3 months he will be working on more levels to keep the game challenging and will also improve some features. He also said that the feedback is very important and that the game might change by user feedback.

If you’re interested in Duck Force be sure to visit their Steam page and add it to your cart. I recommend you to hurry up as the price tag will be raised after Early Access.

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