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Dragon Rage Gets A New Trailer

Dragon Rage is a 2D game where you play as a rampaging dragon that goes around and, well, rampages. The game got a new trailer where we see a bunch of streamers playing the game and saying things like “nom nom nom” while they eat some people.


This is the perfect game if you want to vent out and rid yourself of frustrations, but even if you’re not angry, the game is pretty fun. As stated before, you play as a hungry dragon that goes around and eats people. You also destroy any buildings you come across, as more destruction equals more fun! Eat enough humans and awake your terrifying dragon powers as you enter Rampage Mode which allows you to wreak havoc much more quickly and devastatingly.


If you’re a type of player that likes some company while you’re turning the village into a pile of rubble, you can lay Dragon Eggs when your Egg Meter fills up. The baby dragons look very cute and cuddly, but they will destroy anything and leave only ashes in their wake, which will definitely make you proud as the parent.


If this is not enough to convince you about the game’s awesomeness, watch the new trailer down below!


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