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Dragon Quest Builders 2 Coming To PS4 & Switch

Sometimes, the best games are those that combine elements of other successful titles and allow them to be something special and unique. This was definitely the case with Dragon Quest Builders. This game mixed the very popular RPG franchise with the building mechanic of Minecraft. While that at first seems like a blatant ripoff, it was actually something more. Minecraft never had a real story mode, but this game did, and in a big way, so it was immediately something more than a clone. Square Enix seems to think so too, as Dragon Quest Builders 2 has been announced for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Now, the announcement was made in Japan, and thus we aren’t sure at present that it’s going to crossover to the US and other countries. However, given that Dragon Quest XI was revealed to be coming to the US, and Dragon Quest Builders did come to the US as well, it’s a distinct possibility that it’ll happen.

What’s more, some small but interesting details has come out about Dragon Quest Builders 2. Mainly, the notion of mobility. The sequel will apparently allow you to dash around the overworld, swim and dive through the waters of the world, and even get a hang-glider (among other things) and actually glide through the air. So you’ll be able to get around the world much easier this time around. And you can bet that there’s going to be additions to the building mechanic as well that’ll be revealed down the line.

No doubt many will be thrilled that the game is coming to the Switch, as mobility with titles is becoming a big thing now, and this game is a perfect model for proving how fun pick-up-and-put-down console gaming can be.

No release date or window for Dragon Quest Builders 2 as of yet.

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