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Black Death Devblog #2: New Locations and Crafting Development


Devblog #2 for Black Death is up, and it reveals a brand new crafting system to help players stay a little safer in a game where death is just behind the new Monastery, in a dark cobblestone alleyway perhaps.






The new crafting system is more sophisticated, and can handle a lot more complex recipes similar to what we see in other games.

Also, there are “tiers” for different items and ingredients. Tiers determine the quality and how effective the resulting item will be after crafting.

Three locations to enter, explore, hunt, get sick, live and die in, not necessarily in that order: the Monastery and Laketown.




The Monastery is will be the base for aspiring monks, Templar guards, and holy merchants, so expect a little excitement in the middle of the sermon every so often.

Farleigh Citadel will be a military fort complete with a barracks and archery range for training soldiers, a dining hall for feeding soldiers, and grounds for soldiers to do what they do best.

Laketown, on the other hand, will be more of a trading centre in Mercia for friendly bartering and classic undercutting. The town will have a port for shipping resources and new houses for anyone looking to settle down in a practical location.

Black Death Devblog #2 also has some awesome new audio updates all wrapped up and ready for a listen where you can also find more details about the game’s development: right here.

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