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Doomfist Arrives In Overwatch

From the moment his gauntlet appeared in the opening cinematic of Overwatch, we wondered, “Who is Doomfist?” As we would find out, he was the leader of Talon who was apprehended by the Overwatch team and put in prison. But, as we all know, no good villain stays locked up forever. And the fans of the game wanted to see and play as Doomfist. They wanted to wield his mighty gauntlet and take down foes. Well, now, after so much wanting and waiting, he’s here.

Blizzard has officially released Doomfist, and to commemorate his arrival, they’ve realized a gameplay trailer of him showing off just how powerful and destructive he is. When the team decided to fully make Doomfist, they didn’t just want him to look intimidating physically, but they wanted to make sure his attacks were powerful, devastating even, and that people would know he meant business. And he does.

What makes Doomfist an effective fighter in Overwatch is that his attacks will truly take his opponents off their feet. They’ll be hit with such an impact that they’ll crack the walls that they smash into. But he’s also a very tactical character if used correctly. He can close distances very quickly, and he can use his meteor smash ability to jump to another area to help or hinder other characters. So depending on how you want to play, as an up-close-and-personal fighter, or someone who is the cavalry, Doomfist may just be your guy.

Doomfist is a testament to the power of the fans in this game. Doomfist was “eventually” going to be made, but because his name and gauntlet were so cool, you didn’t want to wait, and now, here he is. So go and wield the leader of Talon.

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