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Dome City, a Hungarian Pastime in The Works


Developers at Overon Station have started a Kickstarter page to fund Dome City, a distinctive adventure title that uses VR technology for PC, Mac, and Linux.

Inspired by Hungarian literature, more specifically The Secret of Dome City by István Nemere, the video game Dome City sets out to share the country’s own brand of storytelling with a worldwide audience. “It’s a small country, fewer and fewer people read books and due to high translation costs our stories don’t really make it across the borders,” said Overon Station’s leader, Csaba Királyházi, in a video on their Kickstarter page.

domecityDome City is set on Mars in exactly that, an abandoned Dome City. In the year 2400, a small crew of three is left for dead on a remote section of Mars after their ship was stolen. Players are tasked with helping them survive on this hazardous planet by solving puzzles, evading threats, making important decisions, and discovering why their astronauts’ vessel was taken in the first place. There will be a host of dialogue options within each conversation, what is said and done will affect the ending and the way the squad will perceive the central character. The action appears to be encouraging, too. One scene shows the process of cutting through a door with some kind of blowtorch, while another shows a frantic race against time as one person speeds towards the Dome in a tow crawler as another attempts to open the doors—that’s right, multiplayer is a driving force. Overon wants gamers to investigate the red planet’s haunting yet beautiful game world with friends via virtual reality—seeing things from inside a spacesuit with no in-game hub is an exciting prospect indeed.


The developers are not just concentrating on Dome City’s aesthetics; they are also putting a great deal of emphasis on the soundtrack by collaborating with Petri Alanko, the man behind Alan Wake’s music. Bringing an experienced composer onboard really solidifies the team’s determination to make an immersive experience.


The project needs to be funded by June 12 and, as of right now, currently has 160 backers—still ways off from its goal of $115,241. If Dome City sounds like a location you want to visit, help Overon Station studios bring it to life by supporting it here.

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