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Dojo Madness Reveals Pro League of Legends Analytics Tool Shadow.LoL

A press release from Dojo Madness, tweeted this morning by noted League of Legends statistician Tim Sevenhuysen, announced Shadow.LoL, a new software-as-a-service tool marketed towards professional League of Legends organizations. The tool looks to give teams and coaches in-depth analytics and statistics all in one convenient place.

League of Legends and Shadow.LoL

Also featured in the mix was Team Liquid, so it may just be that the new analytics tool was also “paid by Steve,” at least in some part. The Team Liquid CEO is also quoted in the release, mentioning the outdated way in which stats and analytics are currently handled by esports coaches and staff. Team Liquid has been expanding into all surrounding areas of esports for years, with ventures like the Liquipedia information website and their video content production through 1UP Studios.

league of legends

The tool looks to provide valuable information to professional League of Legends organizations, including an assessment of player’s champion pools and constructing drafts. Currently, the platform is geared towards professional organizations rather than the general public. Sevenhuysen’s tweet was met immediately with a number of inquiries about a public release. He left the possibility open for the future, but made no definitive promises on the delivery of a public product.

Previously, Dojo Madness released their line of SUMO apps, virtual coaching apps which offer guides and analytical insight for League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch. They also provide analytical data for media broadcasters. The website for Shadow.LoL is now live, and organizations can begin to take advantage of the platform at an early bird special price of €720 per month.

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