MMOExaminer Partners Up With DLCompare and Multicast.TV

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by Kova

announcement (1)We are pleased to announce that MMOExaminer is teaming up with DLCompare and Multicast.TV!

If you are looking for a respectable gaming site that will provide you with detailed information about game prices and which ones are the best-buy, then DLCompare is the site for you. They have a vast range of games for all gaming platforms; from PC to 3DS. You name it, they have it! Additionally, if you are in need of some high-quality hardware, they have you covered too. Feel free to check out what they have to offer on their official site.


Multicast.TV is one of the fastest growing streaming sites, even though it’s still in Beta version. The site counts almost 1.5 million online streams from over 11 platforms and in 5 languages! You can watch all your favorite video games, pro players, and tournaments in one place. Additionally, on this site, you can access the monthly streaming schedule and be up to date with everything. Quite impressive and definitely something we didn’t see so far from anyone else. Make this your main source of high-quality streaming program and visit their official site.


In collaboration with these sites, MMOExaminer will be able to drastically expand its field of work. DLCompare and  Multicast.TV recognized our principles and passion for giving our readers only the best and truthful information regarding gaming world, so they decided to provide us with new game titles for more in-depth game reviews. Additionally, we are thankful for their support of our crowdfunding project and we are looking forward to working with them!

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