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The Division – Stay Alive In The Dark Zone

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The Division is an ever growing game, counting a huge number of players. But, some of those players are not yet accustomed to the Dark Zone.

We are here to change that! With just a few tips and tricks you will be ready to jump into the darkness.

Tip number 1:

Mind your surroundings and know the enemy!

Even though the Dark Zone matches you with players the same level as you are, you should take good care of knowing where NPC’s are waiting for you. If you go in with a low level, you’ll notice NPC’s with skull emblem and that can only mean one thing. Trouble!


Tip number 2:

Safe progress and leveling!

If you really can’t wait to explore the Dark Zone, try doing that in a group. IF that isn’t your thing, then there is a way. You can enter the Dark Zone on the side that is more appropriate for your level and for your gear. Make use of that and explore the Zone piece by piece, increasing the level of safely.


Tip number 3:

This one is a bit risky, but if you like that sort of things, then you’ll love it.

The solo extraction!

We all know how this works, but we also know that it can cost you a lot. You can try to do this for the faster experience gain, but know when to back off and try something else.

If you want to find out more check the video below. See you in the Dark Zone!



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