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The Division Bringing Free PvE mode ‘Resistance’ Later This Month

The 1.8 patch for Tom Clancy’s The Divsion is set to go live on September 26th, and will bring several new ways to approach both the PvE and PvP aspects of the game. The patch serves as a free update, which will offer the new Resistance mode, as well as a new area, Skirmish matches, Dark Zone updates and more.

The main highlight of the patch looks to be the new PvE Resistance mode, in which players will face waves of enemies in horde-style fashion, which will test players’ resolve in this new environment. The waves themselves are infinite, though they are divided into sections of five, with the first being the easiest and increasing in difficulty as you progress. The first five waves will bring encounters that are on par with enemies faced in hard difficulty from other parts of The Division.

An objective will need to be completed for every third wave, ones which will require agents to venture to a different location in order to complete it. For every fifth wave, players will be faced with a boss to be defeated, which can sometimes drop special items as an added bonus.

The 1.8 patch will go live in The Division on September 26th, so if you prefer PvE to PvP, it may well be worth checking out later this month.

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