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Does Disney Want Mother 3 Localized?

If you didn’t hear, Disney, and especially their channel Disney XD, has taken a great interest in video gaming as of late. Not only are they the broadcasters of the Pokémon anime, they showed off the event EVO 2017 on their channel, and promoted it heavily. And they’re about to start their own special block gaming programming called DXP. This block will show off Youtubers and streamers playing video games together and having all kinds of fun. And they’re already starting to make waves in the video game community.

On their official Twitter account, they posted this during the EVO event:

Mother 3 is by and large one of the most fan-requested game to get the localization treatment in the history of video games, Nintendo or otherwise. Mother is the other name for the Earthbound games, there are three of them in total, and the US has only gotten 2. The second one, which is Earthbound, actually came to the US first, and it’s how Ness became very popular, and eventually came to Super Smash Bros. In fact, Earthbound is one of the most popular RPG games ever.

Then, in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Lucas came to play. Lucas is the main character of Mother 3 and it sparked a lot of questions about whether the game was coming to the US. It hasn’t so far, but it’s clear that fans still want to get it.

In fact, Reggie Fils-Aime has joked in interviews that he hopes for a day when he isn’t asked about Mother 3, as that seems to be a question he always gets. So, does Disney itself want Mother 3 localized? That might be a stretch, but it’s evident that a lot of gamers want it, and want it badly. If they keep asking, they might just get it.

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