Diablo III Players Discuss What The Game Should Have Next

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Diablo III is a very interesting game to talk about, mainly because Blizzard developed it to try and capture what made Diablo II special, yet also set it apart from the game. The hype was very real for it, and then when it came out, the hype went away really fast. Players berated Blizzard for getting rid of much of what made Diablo II so special, and criticized many of the new features the game had. But some are still hopeful, and wish it to grow and become even better.

This did happen a little with the recent expansion, “The Rise of the Necromancer,” where Blizzard brought back the fan-favorite class, but some still want more, like Tynack on Reddit, who has made some suggestions on what he feels Diablo III should have. For example, he thinks players should be able to mod maps, as that would allow for a lot of fun and creativity on their part.

In terms of bosses, Tynack thinks they deserve a buff, but also, he feels that a random boss encounter, one that happens when the Rift Bar isn’t full, would add a lot to the game. He’d also like some additional rare/elite packs.

Diablo III

He wants to feel the challenge that he knows the game could have, thus why he makes some of these suggestions. He feels that these bosses are way too easy, and that there’s not enough of them.

As for the other Redditors, some of them thought it would be cool if they ran into a mob of bosses instead a mob of just random enemies. But, there are many who just wish that Blizzard would start working on Diablo IV. They think that no matter what is added now, the game won’t be what it should be, and other games are outclassing it, so Blizzard should move on.

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