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Diablo III Player “Dissects” Downfall Of Title

It’s a sad reality in the world of video games that sometimes even the most anticipated game will let us down. Games likes No Man’s Sky, Mighty No.9, Spore, and more have disappointed gamers despite having big names, big developers, and more hype than what many thought was possible. But there’s another game on that list that fans are still bitter about to this day: Diablo III. This game was highly anticipated due to the greatness of Diablo II. But then when it released, fans ripped it apart.

Now some have decided to go deeper, they want to know what happened to make Diablo III such a “failure” in the eyes of fans. So, player TOPCommander made a very detailed timeline of what he feels (based on facts and the results of the games release) lead to the games demise.

He started with the hiring of the game director. This is significant as he has an RTS background, and not an action-RPG one, which is what Diablo II was. Through this hiring, Diablo III became “where all you do literally boils down to killing monsters and then picking up dropped items.” Adding to that, he removed and then added things that made it further and further unlike Diablo II.

Diablo III

Moreover, the World of Warcraft Art Team was brought in to make art for Diablo III, which made it look different from how many fans believed the game should look.

Then there was the launch debacle, where Blizzard underestimated how many people would buy the title at midnight, and the games servers couldn’t handle the load. Furthermore, as players started to unravel the game themselves, they realized more and more how unlike the previous title this game was, and complained to Blizzard, but it fell on deaf ears.

Add to that Reaper of Souls, which started new problems, and Blizzard “ignoring” much of what the fans say, and it’s hard to argue with some of what TOPCommander is pointing out.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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