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What Is Diablo III Offering At BlizzCon 2017?

BlizzCon 2017 is the biggest Blizzard event that happens every year, and each time one of Blizzard’s games gets a huge announcement, a big update, expansion, or something like that, so what can we expect from Diablo III this year? Unfortunately, unlike last time when they announced the old-school cathedral dungeon and the Rise of the Necromancer, this year won’t be as big, but we will be getting an exclusive one-off adventure.


As BlizzCon is a yearly thing, you can’t expect every game from Blizzard’s lineup to get some sort of huge announcement, but we will still be getting some juicy and unique content. People that attend are going to have the most fun, as expected, as some trouble creeps from the gates of New Tristram, so pick your most used nephalem hero and enjoy this special one-off adventure. But, you don’t need exciting announcements to have fun at BlizzCon, and Diablo fans will have two live Diablo panels to look at, and those of you that have the Virtual Ticket will get see unique BlizzCon pre-show videos, the 2017 Year in Review, and even Necromancer cosplay content.


If you ever wanted to know more about the VFX of the Necromancer, you’re going to get your opportunity when they go live on stage, and on November 3 at 2:45 p.m. PT you’ll get to know everything about the sinister visual effects that were needed to bring the Necromancer and his unholy skills to the game. Then, on November 4 at 2:45 p.m. Community Manager Brandy Camel, together with some exceptional community members like C.J. ‘Rhykker’ Miozzi, Lynxaria and Stephen ‘Leviathan’ Stewart, will talk about the game, their experiences with Diablo III, and so on.



Will you be attending BlizzCon 2017? If you won’t, but you have the Virtual Ticket you will get the Murkomancer as a pet!


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