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Diablo III – No New Season with Necromancer Update?

The Necromancer update is without a doubt the hot topic for dwellers of Sanctuary in recent times, but it too has led to some confusion amongst the Diablo III community.
The reason being is there will be no new season starting to introduce the class to the game. Understandably, this hasn’t sat well with certain players, who have taken to the official forums to vent their frustrations.

Thread creator TheGRiNCH stated that not starting a new season with a new class was a “dumb idea”, which is something that was reiterated by other users such as Xanik, who responded:

Yeah this is pretty ridiculous. So they want us to make a necro only in order to have to make another one when the next season starts. Smart move Blizz.

As alluded to by Adeimantus, you’d think that Blizzard would be able to generate more hype by starting a new season to accompany the class. It could be argued however, that perhaps Blizz want players to get used to the Necromancer class beforehand, which would also give themselves the chance to patch any issues that may arise.

Having said that, if that is the case and that Blizzard do want to use the time to patch anything out or fix any bugs as the sole reason as to why a new season isn’t beginning with the Necromancer class, then those who have paid for the class already may feel that they are essentially paying $15 for a beta test of sorts. Not to say that this is the case by any means, but its a possibility to consider.

Do you think a new season should introduce the Necromancer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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