Diablo III: The Necromancer

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Diablo III is getting a new class in the future, and it’s the Necromancer, a sinister master of the dark arts that keeps the balance between life and death!


The Priests of Rathma is what they’re actually called, only outsiders call them necromancers. They dwell deep withinecro2n the jungles of Kehjistan, keeping mostly to themselves, but the Sanctuary needs their dark powers, so the Priests of Rathma decided to come out of hiding!

The Necromancer is the best class for players that love both gore and explosions, since one of the skills is called “Corpse Explosion”.

The Necromancer class is coming as a part of the upcoming Rise of the Necromancer pack that’s going to be released in 2017. You need both Diablo III and Reaper of Souls to buy this pack.

Now, while it may seem like the Necromancer and the Witch Doctor look kind of similar, they’re completely different in tone. While the Witch Doctors have a spiritual connection to the Unformed Land, the realm from which they draw their energy, Necromancers control blood and bone. They are cold, determined and wary practitioners of the dark arts, making them someone you don’t want to meet unprepared.


The Priests of Rathma are masters of curses and reanimation, so if you see an army of skeletons marching at you, with corpses exploding all the place, expect to come face to face with a Necromancer!

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