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Should Diablo III Have Microtransactions?

Diablo III has a lot going on in it. It’s got content seasons, DLC, which includes the recent Rise of the Necromancer, and other things to keep many players happy. But one thing they don’t offer is the chance to easily, and cheaply, get certain “cosmetic” items – things that are already in the game, but are a pain to get at times. Some might argue that having such a thing would be against the grain of what Diablo is, while others think it’s a good move for Blizzard as a whole.

This topic was brought up by Reddit user Fuzer, who notes:

“Would be a good source of money if it is well implemented. Transmogs, flairs, pets, wings. I would already have bought some.”

He is right about one thing, it would boost the amount of money that Blizzard makes off of Diablo III. What’s more, one of their other big games, Overwatch, has loot boxes and such to help players get skins, flair, and more, so why not Diablo III?

Well, it’s a complicated issue. One could argue that Overwatch is a better system for implementing Loot Boxes and microtransactions like that, whereas Diablo III is a much longer game that has a dedicated story and not just multiplayer play. That could also be the reason World of Warcraft doesn’t have this.

As for what other players think, many are universally against this. In fact, they vehemently don’t want this. Some think this for logical reasons, such as the games competitors are already doing this, so doing it now would be futile. Others think Blizzard would rather focus on the next DLC. And some just hate microtransactions and can’t believe that he suggested such a thing.

What do you think? Would the game be better with them? Or do you think that it should remain how it is? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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