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Diablo III Gets PTR 2.6.1 Patch Notes

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When Blizzard wants to test out a potential update to one of their games, they put it on what’s called the Public Test Realm, it’s a way to work out if these bugs and updates will work out without having to put them in the main game. The latest patch for Diablo III has hit the PTR, and Blizzard has taken the time to outline every single change that’s coming via it. We have the highlights of those changes for you here.

Naturally, all the classes are being adjusted in some way, the major one being fixed via this patch is the Necromancer. For now, the Skeletal Warriors that you raise up will now bring their crowd control effects when you order them around. The team laments that the changes were caused because the visuals of the gameplay mechanics were beginning to interfere with the gameplay itself.

Many bugs have been fixed for this patch, including ones where monsters could heal by attacking a creature with Leech. Or one that Skeletal Mages actually being created in the air. Another issue was that when playing as the Necromancer, there would be item drops that would be given to the class…but the class couldn’t equip. This has been fixed.

Diablo III Gets PTR 2.6.1 Patch Notes

Moving onto Items, multiple items within Diablo III have had their drop chance modified. Mainly, they have been increased.

Many Legendary Items have also been tweaked. For example, Hammer of the Giants has not only had its movements speed increased by 50% but now its damage has been increased by 400-500%.

Rifts were also modified, such as how the Temple of the Firstborn will now have fewer deadends upon being spawned. Or how you can now get more experience and Rift progress by killing Blazing Guardians.

To be clear, none of these changes are permanent and could be changed within the PTR before making it to Diablo III. Be sure to check out the full Patch Notes, there’s a lot to see.

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