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Should Diablo III Come To Nintendo Switch?

When the Nintendo Switch was revealed, Nintendo made sure to show off exactly what potential it had. One of the biggest selling points they were going for was having a full-on console in the palm of your hands that you could take anywhere. Plus, being able to use the Joy-Cons as not only motion controls, but as a true controller, and as a way to get two people onto one console. This versatility has gotten a lot of players wanting their favorite games to be ported to the Switch, and one of those is Diablo III.

This request comes from Reddit via user IskandrAGogo, who played Diablo III for the first time in months thanks to the recent arrival of the Rise of the Necromancer update. He played it on the Xbox One, and soon realized that though this was fun, it would be more fun on the Nintendo Switch:

“Diablo would be so great for pick up and play. It made me realize how the Switch has changed my gaming habits.”

Indeed, the Switch has changed many gamers’ habits. The feeling of literally being able to turn on and turn off a game without having to worry about saves (as much) truly allows for pick-up and put-down gameplay. But, could Diablo III really come to Switch?

On one hand, it’s one of the least online-intensive games of the Blizzard roster. That is to say you can play it by yourself and not have hindrances. But many would attest that it’s best for its use of multiplayer and working with other players. Blizzard has thought about bringing their games to the Switch, but talk so far has been about Overwatch, not Diablo.

Still, a lot of people, including numerous members of the Reddit thread above, think this would be epic. So let’s see what happens.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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