Diablo III

Botting is an issue that has plagued Diablo III since not long after its launch, but in recent weeks there have been many reports surfacing about the forbidden entity causing havoc with a number of different aspects of the game.

The use of bots to gather bounty materials is another issue. This practice, raised by forum user ToniFlower, sees players using bot accounts to complete all bounties, before switching back to their legitimate accounts and submitting them to Tyrael. This way, players are able to collect all rewards from bounties without being banned.

As a consequence, ToniFlower believes those who take advantage of this practice should be punished:

Bounty materials gathered by bots should be labeled as illegal materials. Whoever collected these materials should be banned.

This is something that would be perhaps too hard of a task for Blizzard to police, though as Bianchi4Me suggests, they could look into changing how bounties work altogether:

I don’t see Blizzard ever implementing bans for this activity, as it is too difficult to document. They could however restructure the bounty reward system to minimize this issue.

Whilst developers have done what they can so far to implement bans to those who continue to spoil Diablo III with botting, situations such as this would be too difficult to monitor. Whether or not the bounty system is something Blizzard could look into to help prevent this behaviour remains to be seen. Blizzard are known for dishing out punishment for those who do choose to indulge in such activities, and will hopefully find a solution for instances such as this.


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