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Diablo III- 7th Season Got Official Date

Diablo3-Intro-980x500Everyone is preparing for the next season of Diablo III. As always, next season will be full of new and exciting things, and many casual players will be returning to the game. If you are, by any chance, not familiar with the changes you can get a quick recap right here.

Since Blizzard expects to come across much stronger players, they decided to make the game more demanding than usual, therefore the game will have the Haedrig’s Gift – a special award that you get when you meet the targets located in Season Journey. This time, Journey consists out of three parts, all three will be unlocked once you successfully complete the tasks in the second, third and fourth chapter. The gift is an entire set of equipment, but this set will depend on the class you picked. Haedrig’s Gift is only obtainable by one class, regardless of whether you choose the normal or hardcore option.


The second part of the change is related to the so-called Conquest. It seems that Blizzard decided to return some of the previous achievements. You will be able to try to do the entire campaign in less than an hour, to reach a certain level in Greater rift alone, raise the level of a Legendary Gem or do the minimum level of 45 Greater rift without any sets.

Finally, we got some general information about the seasons and how they will work in the future. The seventh season begins on Friday, August 5, and it will last about three months. This goes to each season that comes after.

A more detailed description of the first look at the seventh season can be found on the official Blizzard site.

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