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Diablo 3 is a game that contains many different items. Of course, with a game big as this one, there might be cases in which an item should have been more developed on before being released to the game. One item, in particular, is being discussed right now and that item is Ramaladni’s Gift.

Ramaldini’s Gift is a consumable item that lets you socket an unsocketed weapon. The item is destroyed in exchange. A user named Gilgamesh posted a discussion about the downsides of Ramaladni’s Gift. In the post, he begs Blizzard to work on the item and states that it needs to be improved. The problem that he wants Blizzard to fix is the one where a weapon is already socketed so the player has to choose between either re-rolling the existing affix of the weapon or re-roll the socket into an affix.  He put out several options that he suggests could fix this problem, one of which is  to give the item the ability to grant one additional re-roll to an affix so that the players can adjust the random affix that they got.

I like this. That would be a simple and good improvement.

diablo 3

Pretty much every user has shown support to this post and they all agree that the item needs some changes. One user called Nephalem made it even more clear with his statement.

I agree with u man, the jewelry needs an update. Most of the time the amulets came with bad drops and I find this to be one of the biggest issues in the game.

Blizzard has been relatively active at monitoring responses on places such as its official forums, which gives a slight chance that this particular suggestion might get considered as well. Do you have more examples for items that could use some tweaking in Diablo 3? Tell us in the comments section  below.


  1. Currently I have 115 Ramaladni’s in my stash. In a MP game I always drop and anyone in the party who whats it can take it.

    They are too common and, lets face it, how many weapons do you really need to add a socket to? Giving the gift an added purpose would be a very good idea.


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