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More Details About Eternal Items And New Powers In RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy Expansion

RIFT is still a major, popular MMORPG, which just keeps on growing. Today, we talk about some new things that are coming in Starfall Prophecy, the game’s next expansion.


Firstly, let’s talk about Active upgrades. So, Item Upgrades, they are quests that make your gear better.The goal with Active Upgrades is to fully commit to them, making them fun and exciting thematic experiences. There are many ways for this system to improve both your item and your characters personal story.


There’s also a new tier of item rarity in the upcoming expansion, and it’s called Eternal. Items of this rarity were forged by god-like beings from the cosmos, which means that they provide immense power. Just don’t expect to wear a full suit of Eternal quality items, as they are rare and really hard to acquire.

Lastly, we have Planar Fragments and Legendary Powers. Since there’s so much to explain, we’ll only cover Legendary Powers here, and you can read all about Planar Fragments and other changes here!


Legendary Powers are going to be the way of increasing the power of your character while working towards the new level cap of 70. Each level past 65 will give you a Legendary point, which can then be spent to unlock a Legendary Power. You can only have a maximum of 3 Legendary points spent per soul. The goal with these Legendary Powers is to change up the way your character plays. Making a unique playstyle will be much easier now!

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