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Destiny Veterans Should Help Others Reach the Lighthouse Before Destiny 2

Reaching the Lighthouse in Destiny is considered to be the pinnacle of the game’s entire experience. With Destiny 2 closing in this September, perhaps its time to help players reach the area before the first game wraps up.

As requested by Reddit user LuciferTho in a recent post, players could perhaps take this time between now and the sequel to take a break from sharing their own personal experiences of reaching the coveted Lighthouse to help those players who are yet to reach it.

For those of you who are unaware, the Lighthouse is a location on Mercury in Caloris Spires. The area contains loot that is exclusive to players who reach the location, and can only be accessed by winning nine wins and no losses on a single Trials Passage during the Trials of Osiris.

With Destiny having a number of LFG (looking for groups) outlets online for you to find players who may need a helping hand, why not put some time aside for your fellow Destiny fanatic and help them reach the heights that you may have already reached? To say you’ve reached the Lighthouse is a fantastic achievement, and would be a moral achievement in itself to share that with anyone struggling to do so. Many aren’t even concerned about the loot, and just want to explore the area and have the accolade of reaching it (whilst taking a selfie or two).

Have you reached the Lighthouse on Mercury in Destiny? Would you be willing to help others reach it in time before Destiny 2 releases? Feel free to share your experiences below.

Written by Ham

Ham is a video games journalist, musician and a rookie Twitch streamer. Playing everything from 2D platformers to MMORPGs, Ham enjoys bringing news from all forms of games to the masses. Favourite game series’ include Dark Souls, Diablo, Grand Theft Auto and Borderlands.


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  1. Yes, I have been to the Lighthouse, albeit I had help from some amazing players. However do they have to go out there and hep people reach it? No. Its not a job, its not exactly going to bring value to real life. Its a game achievement which means little in the end. It is a great reward and nice when you get it but aside form that and perhaps a little bragging rights it sin’t going to be that much of a big deal.

  2. I’m all for helping people with activities in the game. I have helped take and teach many people through Raids which is something very special to enjoy and is an important part of the true Destiny experience but it is a team effort that everyone on the team at least has to contribute to. The Lighthouse is more specifically something that should be earned. Obviously there are team members that are better than others but no one should simply be carried through a Flawless run while not being able to even carry their weight. The Lighthouse is cool and the Ultimate prize but if anyone could just walk into it while someone else does all the work it wouldn’t be special at all… In this day and age of everyone gets a trophy this is the kind of thing that just ruins any kind of accomplishment for the people who actually earned it. So anyone can do what they want and help who they want a take money to ruin something special for people who work hard for something but I personally don’t think anyone should go to the Lighthouse that doesn’t deserve it.

  3. The lighthouse is not something anyone is entitled to it is something that is earned with practice, skill, and on occasion a dash of luck. No one in the destiny community should be dragging anyone to Mercury. I will sit on a 9/0 card and continue to matchmake for the satisfaction of denying teams their lighthouse run… because this is high stakes pvp and no one gets freebies. If you can’t take my team then the lighthouse is not somewhere you should be.

  4. I am a day one player. Not really interested in going flawless like few of these other fools who think they have accomplished a great feat. I have played trials and did great but don’t see why 36-45 PvP matches is with it. My weapons and armor are far better than the trials gear and I have most trials gear. But if someone needs help I would be down because loading up with 3 great players and beating a hand full of 10 year olds just isn’t satisfying.

  5. i go to the lighthouse every weekend, albeit through use of a paid site (trialscarries dot com). I know a lot of people look down on this, but honestly i don’t care. I love destiny as a game and, with not playing much pvp until year 2, strive to become better at the game. Through use of this site I have been able to pick up on countless errors I was making and correct them. I know I may not be able to get to the lighthouse on my own, but the experience of playing with some amazing players and learning how to improve my personal gameplay is well worth the price of a “carry”.

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