Destiny: Rise of Iron Trailer Revealed

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Ckhlo5PWgAAU-1JCold winter night, snow is falling, the wolves are howling and magical hammers are glowing in the dark. A good beginning for a nordic myth that involves Thor, the god of Thunder, and savage Vikings. But that’s far from the truth. Everything said is part of the new Destiny: Rise Of Iron trailer that has been released recently.

The Rise Of Iron is a new Destiny expansion and it will take place in The Plaguelands. Its main story will  focus on the falling of the Iron Lords and the ancient threat that lies in the long forgotten Vault.

Rise of Iron will bring the following additions to the game:

New missions, cinematic story, questlines, raids, maps, and game modes. There will be a ton of new events, three completely new areas, and many more features to discover. We don’t want to spoil the fun so that’s all we have to say for now.

Additionally, for those who pre-order the Rise Of Iron expansion will receive Iron Gjallarhorn, the gigantic weapon of mass destruction.


The expansion will be out on September 20, 2016 and it will cost $30. Players need to have the actual Destiny game and the Taken King if they want to be able to play this expansion. For more information, visit the official Destiny site.

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