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Destiny Players Want To Know About Hidden Secrets

Video game developers are famous (and notorious) for putting certain little things and tidbits for players to find. These are usually called Easter Eggs, but they’re also called secrets. They’re meant to be found by those who are truly dedicated, who are willing to try everything to find these little treasures, and given enough time, they’ll usually find them. But, for players of the original Destiny, they aren’t sure that everything has been found, and so, they’re asking Bungie for help.

It’s not a bad request when you think about. After all, Bungie is known for keeping things hidden, for placing objects in places you need to get creative in order to get to them. And with Destiny being massive in size and scope, there is no doubt things that have been missed by the player base. So, Redditor LegitimatePenguin asked the question:

“Since Destiny 1 is over, Bungie can you please tell us what secrets we’ve missed over the past 3 years?”

Now, obviously, Bungie didn’t respond, or at least, they haven’t as of yet. However, other Destiny players have weighed in and voiced just how much they want this to happen. Some noted how they want to know about EVERYTHING that was in the game until Destiny 2 came out. Others want to know specific things like the 6th Vog Chest. One noted that The Last Exit was never solved, and wonders if Bungie could drop the answer to it.

But, there are those who are skeptical that Bungie will answer anything. Apparently part of their M.O. is to withhold these secrets for as long as possible. One Redditor noted that only recently did a certain Halo 2 secret get revealed. Yes, that’s right, Halo 2. So if they’re willing to wait that long for secret revealing, what chance does Destiny have? Time will tell.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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