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What Are Destiny Players’ Favorite Weapons?

Destiny 2 is drawing closer each day. While people wait, many Destiny players continue to reminisce about what made the original game special and their favorite things about it. A big favorite for all fans were no doubt the weapons. The game had a lot of weapons to get, so it’s no surprise that everyone would have a favorite that they couldn’t go into battle without.

On the Bungie forums for Destiny, a player asked “What’s your favorite weapon in Destiny?” while also giving his own answer:

“Mine would have to be the Epitaph 2261 which is one heck of a weapon, back in early year 1, no one gave a hoot about the impact of a sniper. Kept it with me through all these years, and it has served me well.”

You can tell he means it, and with that he opened the floor to more people revealing their favorite weapons. Some picks include: Hawksaw, Vanity, Longbow, Hawkmoon, Icebreaker, PDX 45, Eyasluna, Super Good Advice, Doctor Nope, Thorn, High Road Soldier, Known Horizon, Necro Adept Aetheon, Vision of Confluence, Susanoo, Deviant Gravity-A, Suros Regime, Vision, Multitool, Shadow Price, and many more.


What selection this list so interesting is that these are weapons from different levels. Some are meta, some are legendary, and some are regular types of weapons that players just fell in love with. It’s likely that when Destiny 2 arrives, the hunt for new favorites begins even if weapons from the first game make a comeback.

Destiny 2 arrives on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on September 8th.

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