For those of you familiar with community member Mercules904, then you may have come across a spreadsheet that offers up all the current infusible weapons and their accompanying stats in Destiny.

The spreadsheet, which you can find in this Google doc, features all new raid reprised weapons following the introduction of the Age of Triumph. Mercules904 continues to go the extra mile, by finding all the weapon drops from barrel perks such as Linear Compensator, Accurized Ballistics and Field Choke, which are often listed with base stats that cannot be attained by barrel perks themselves.

Another update to the list includes the times-to-kill for primary weapons, having previously color-coded them to compare with other weapons in the same class. Now, the user has compared the times-to-kill for primary weapons in the hope that it offers a clearer picture for players. Mercules904 has also reiterated that any other methodology of comparing stat has not been altered.

Destiny fans meanwhile are currently rejoicing in the addition of the Age of Triumph, which will be the last piece of content to come to the original Destiny game. As Destiny 2 prepares to join us later this year, players are basking in both former and new glories with the latest content, which has seen the return of past raids, new book-related content to indulge in and much, much more to round the game off nicely for its ever-growing franchise fan base.

Destiny 2 is expected to release later this year on September 8th, 2017, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.



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