Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms Coming to Steam

Yasin Price
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Destiny of Ancient Kingdoms is a free to play, action MMORPG, based on a lot of the legends that come from Norse Mythology. You have the option to travel a vast open world with hundreds of things to do daily, and over fifty locations, and team up with other kingdoms to take down thousands of different types of vile creatures, or fight each other for control of your kingdoms, leaving tons of content and options for players to explore.


From overthrowing your own leader, creating a rebellion or embarrassing him in an arena, to killing other players to get points in an “honor” system which allows you to get rare and powerful items. As you can see this game is gushing with unique content and gameplay mechanics, while still combining traditional RPG elements as well.

Now this very popular game is going to be coming to steam by the end of August. That’s right, this long awaited title’s developers recently announced that they will be officially a part of the Steam community on August 30th.

They thanked all of the fans for their support and promised that the release would be something to remember! You can view more of their updates on their Steam page.

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