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Destiny 2 Releases Official Launch Trailer

Destiny 2, the sequel to the MMO first-person shooter Destiny, just released an official launch trailer and fans are going crazy. Though the game doesn’t actually come out until the 6th of September for consoles, this trailer comes out just in time for Gamescom, the video game convention in Cologne, Germany.

The trailer showcases quite a few story elements and brings back some popular characters from the first game. The first Destiny was massively popular and this sequel seems to be no different. According to the video description, the game features “all new cinematic story campaign, innovative cooperative gameplay, and intense competitive multiplayer,” which is everything new and returning players could ask for. 

Destiny 2 promises to be more than its predecessor and learn from the mistakes of the past. The familiar grind will still be present but now the story is supposedly a major priority which will make a lot of players happy. Not only that, but it will no longer be limited to consoles. PC players will finally have the option to play.

Destiny 2 Launch Trailer Screenshot

If you haven’t already, you can preorder Destiny 2 and receive an Exotic Trace Rifle called Cold Heart that looks admittedly quite cool. If you’d rather wait for the full release of the title, that’s fine too. It will be available as of September 6th for Xbox One and PS4. The PC release will come at a later date, though the open Beta starts on the 29th of August.

Destiny 2 will likely be one of this year’s biggest games to hit shelves so if you’re at all interested, be sure to keep an eye on it and check out the official website. For many players, the original Destiny was the first MMO they ever really got into and for others it was the first sci-fi game they really enjoyed. It bridged many gaps and the second game aims to do that and so much more.

Written by Ashley Kemp

Ashley was introduced to the world of video games by her Nerd-Family. A lover of all things RPG and MMO, she’s a self-proclaimed alt-oholic and is constantly dreaming up new characters and the background stories for them. She’s obsessed with the High Fantasy genre and thus plays a lot of the Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, and Witcher series.

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  1. Not gonna lie, I have been looking forward to this game for quite some time. I’ve never had the money to spend on a console, so Destiny 2 coming to PC is amazing for me! I’ve heard so much about Destiny 1, I just hope it can live up to the hype. 😀

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