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The Desired Traits For Destiny 2 Shared By Bungie Community

Sequels are a fun and curious thing when it comes to gaming. While on one hand, they help extend the franchise and potentially take it to new heights, they also have to keep the series fresh and fun, making it stand out compared to the previous title, else fall into obscurity and potentially ending the franchise right there. For fans of Destiny, Destiny 2 marks the chance to not only get a great game, but fix some of the mistakes the original title made.

In that vein of thought, some players on the Destiny 2 forums decided to weigh in on what they personally would like to see from the sequel, mainly what features they’d like to see added or adjusted. For example, the creator of the question on the forums wants the return of certain traits that made the first year of Destiny fun:

“Me personally, make light level = skill again. Getting to 400 is too easy and you don’t have to raid. That’s what I loved about year 1,” said Arizonian323.

Other players responded to his question for changes. Some asked for small ones, like removing stats from cosmetic items, or to not be kicked from the inventory screen when flying. Others meanwhile wanted more depth from the game, like an open world. Certain players even wanted to feel like they earned the max light level, noting that it was too easy to achieve once year 1 of the game ended.

But for others, it was about the story and characters:

“Better character creation, better integrated story/lore, NPCs that actually do something once and a while instead of just handing missions without telling me what it is, and they better start filling in the plots to the story lines they opened, then abandoned because the vanilla story is nothing like the story we are playing now,” notes CaptainMericah.

It’s an interesting request, but one that has merit. Destiny went through a lot of changes since its launch, and not all of them good, so it’s natural that players want a better experience in Destiny 2. What would you like to see changed, added, adjusted, for the game? Let us know in the comments below.

Destiny 2 arrives September 8th.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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