Destiny 2 Player Defends Others’ Criticisms Of The Game

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One of the greatest powers that we as humans have is the ability to speak out against something we think is wrong. This can take many forms, and over the years has sparked many movements. Yet, in recent years, speaking out about video games has gotten a new term, “hate posting,” which refers to how someone just wants to complain about something with no real information or proof to back it up. This is apparently what is happening in the Destiny 2 forums, or at least, that’s what some think.

Others though don’t think that’s the case at all. They believe that the forums have unfairly judged anyone who throws criticism upon the upcoming game. And instead of having a thorough discussion about the topic, they decided to try and shame them off the forums. In the eyes of user Orpheus49, this is wrong on many levels.

For example, he hates that these critics are being labeled as people who just “hate the game” and that they should leave the forums because of it.

“We all want a piece of this game we love. You can’t just not include us because it goes against what you like.”

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He goes on to lament that all these people who have strong opinions about Destiny 2 are being destroyed for no good reason. Now, naturally, there are some who want nothing more than to just judge the game, and that in a sense is wrong, but not all are like that.

Orpheus49 even calls Bungie into question for not helping this situation, and allowing certain posters to exist on their forums who truly do no good.

In the end, this is just a matter of opinion, and how we talk with those who voice them. It’s OK to think positively or negatively about something you see, but just be sure to not condemn someone who doesn’t match your view on it.

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