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Destiny 2 Getting Review Via The Beta?

Reviews are a tricky thing. On one hand, they’re a view into the piece of media itself. It’s meant to be detailed, explain what’s right and what’s wrong with it, and then give you expectations as you potentially go and get it, view it, etc. However, the thing about reviews is that more often than not, it’s just one person’s opinion: the reviewer’s. And two different people can view it differently. What’s more, players can tell when a review is not accurate, or someone is being biased against it. Which is apparently what’s going on with Destiny 2.

You might be thinking, “How can Destiny 2 be reviewed if the game isn’t out yet?” That’s a great question, and one that Reddit is asking as well. Especially user FlapjackIsBack, who reveals what he has seen:

“I have seen so many reviews of the D2 Beta on YouTube where the reviewers are essentially passing judgement on the game as a whole based on one introductory story mission, one strike, and 2 PvP Game types/maps.”





Destiny 2

He goes on to lament that this is even happening at all. After all, it’s a beta! So why are they reviewing it at all? One YouTuber apparently called the story for Destiny 2 “boring” despite the fact that there’s only one story mission available in the games beta at present.

The rest of the Reddit community weren’t happy either. Some called these reviews out as “clickbait,” pure and simple. Others were puzzled as to why people think that betas like this are full representations for the game, when they’re clearly meant to help the creators get the game done right by launch.

And others stated that the beta for them is just a test to see what system to get it on. What do you think? Should Destiny 2 be getting reviews via a beta?

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