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Destiny 2 Is A “Case Study” About World Of Warcraft?

It’s not uncommon for video games to be compared to one another, not even when the two games are in completely different genres. And in fact, it’s through these comparisons that certain details really come to light. It’s that in mind that someone has compared Destiny 2 to World of Warcraft, but not in the way you might think. You see, the release of the game has been debated about endless because of the content, and intent, of it. So much so that this person believes that Destiny 2 is a “case study” as to why there will likely never be a World of Warcraft 2.

This comes from Redditor Redgie_X, who details quite well why he thinks this. What he means by this comparison is that World of Warcraft didn’t make a “sequel”, instead, it just delivered more content via updates and expansion. And because of that, it has lived for a very long time, and even with dips in membership, it’s still one of the most popular MMORPGs to this day. So in that vein, why did Bungie make a sequel that cut off players from the original’s content, when an expansion could’ve been just as productive, if not more so?

Destiny 2

It’s an intriguing question, especially given the fact that many who played the original Destiny are not content with how the game took away much of what the original had established. Redgie_X even notes that many of the “quality of life” improvements that were made for the original were taken away in Destiny 2.

For him, what should’ve been done was that the original game was kept in full, and then the “expansion’ would bring in the story for Destiny (which has been well-received more-or-less) and then new quests, raids, and more would be added. Making it an even larger…universe.

What makes this topic so appealing though, is that over 10,000 upvotes have been given to this topic. That’s astounding, and proof he’s not alone in thinking this.

Written by GlyphMasterson

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