Important decision made about Exchange In Defiance

Yasin Price
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Not too long ago Defiance; an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) third person shooter, had released a new feature for the game called the Exchange. The Exchange allowed players to buy items listed by other players. It allowed very specific search criteria so you could find your perfect item. Unfortunately, it was recently announced that the feature would be removed from the game due to technical issues.

DefianceTrion released a statement explaining why it was necessary to remove from Defiance. They made it very clear that they were left with no other options and although they found the feature to be a benefit to all players there were just too many issues. Here is a quote from the statement off of their official website: “As you know, we’ve been working hard to review and implement fixes. However, several challenges remain that must be resolved for the sake of the game, which include preventing players from using third party programs to inject currency into the game, maintaining a stable game environment, and fixing any issues that prevent players from logging into the game. Removing the Exchange helps solve all of these challenges.”

Although this is disappointing news, Trion has apologized and reassured us that this was the best course of action to take, while ensuring new and creative content will follow. The official statement can be found here.

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