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defiance-og-lgThanks to the players, Trion worlds are giving us the option to manage our economies in the game much easier than before.

The update, nicely called The Exchange, will allow us to buy items that the other ark hunters have listed for sale. We’ll be able to search through various categories, sorting, filtering, and at the end finding what we were looking for and, who knows, maybe we’ll find something else we might need. Of course, to have it as realistic as possible, the market will have 10% transaction fee. We love the fact that the market system is available from everywhere via EGO implants, helping us to get or sell any item fast and easy.
One thing must be noted, if you want to list any item on the Exchange, you must have the so-called Exchange Sell Slot. If you are a Paradise Patron, you will be automatically given four of these valuable slots.

Additionally, in this new update, the players will be able to reach EGO level 6000 solely using experience.

All in all, this will definitely expand and upgrade the overall economy in the game and will be a great change for the players who like to focus on the commercial side of the story.

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