Defenders Gets Very Special Trailer

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Many were skeptical when Marvel announced a team-up with Netflix to deliver four new shows based on their superhero roster. Especially when these would be “darker” tones and takes in some cases. And yet, when Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and even Iron Fist arrived, people were surprised by the quality. And now, all eyes are on them as we head towards the Defenders, the team-up years in the making. This is meant to be one special story, and so we shouldn’t be surprised that Marvel decided to bring in a legend to help make it even more special.

The one and only Stan Lee, the man who helped make Marvel what it is today, is featured doing the narration for a special trailer for the upcoming Defenders team-up. But what makes this trailer so special is that as we see Stan Lee wander through New York in the back of a limo, he doesn’t talk about the characters specifically, but rather, talks about what they mean.

As he notes, these are the “greatest stories ever told”. They’re stories about life, finding ones purpose, ones path, and the journey to be something more in this life. In other words, a great superhero story. And it’s all coming together to make Defenders.

Now, the road to Defenders has been anything but a safe bet. As we noted, there was a big question mark as to whether these characters could not only be interpreted well, but keep the momentum going for so long that the team-up would be relevant. And for the most part, they did that. Daredevil is beloved by the fanbase. Jessica Jones surprised many with the quality of the episodes shown. Luke Cage was a good social commentary as well as a hero’s rise. Only Iron Fist stumbled in the eyes of fans, as it was by far the worst among them.

Outside of that though, many are still hoping Defenders rules, and we’ll find out if it does on August 18th.

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