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Dead By Daylight – Does The Wraith Need Reworking?

The seven deadly killers in Dead by Daylight are all renowned for their individual abilities and how effective they can use perks and add-ons. Its not always a case of picking a killer and going out there to slaughter survivors easy as you like. It takes as much technique to go out and kill as it does to survive after all, if not more so.

Which explains why fans have pointed out that The Wraith in particular is somewhat lacking compared to other killers, particularly in the early rank stages. In his ranked infancy, The Wraith (aka Philip Ojomo) is considered by many as rather weak at his base state, and only average when equipped with useful perks.

This is essentially where add-ons come in. Whilst in his early stages he may be considered weak and pretty useless by many, given his abilities, he’s simply a killer that requires add-ons to be at all effective. But having said that, once these add-ons are utilized properly, The Wraith can become one of the most dangerous killers on the entire roster.

Once uncloaked, he does lack much prowess compared to the likes of The Trapper or The Nurse, but with add-ons that provide speed boosts could make all the difference. The use of Sloppy Butcher and Bloodhound perks can also dramatically improve his performance, helping The Wraith to track down survivors more effectively.

As discussed on the game’s Steam community, there are going to be a number of changes set to be made to make The Wraith a better prospect. Reducing the time between cloaking and uncloaking could be the difference between a good and bad performance, for example. This killer in particular was once considered by many to be overpowered, so its interesting to see him on the opposite end of the scale in more recent weeks.

Does The Wraith need improving? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Written by Ham

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