Dead by Daylight – Is Pallet Looping Really an Exploit?

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In Dead by Daylight, the highly successful asymmetrical horror game, players can use an exploit whilst playing as Survivors, which is commonly known as pallet looping.

This practice exploits the Killer’s larger hitbox, meaning that by tightly running behind an object, the Killer will have to ultimately travel a longer distance. The pallets meanwhile instantly check if they will hit a Killer, making it near impossible for Killers to get their hands on Survivors. With this in mind, Survivors will often find a section of the map that has two pallets and “loop” around them. Although the Killer would eventually catch up, it wastes a significant amount of time, especially affecting the Nurse and the Hag, given their slower moving speeds.

There are fans that would like to see this method removed, though developers have stated that it isn’t actually an exploit, according to a post on the Steam community. Perhaps paying attention to the balance between safe and unsafe pallets would be a better use of developer’s time, instead of removing something that’s virtually impossible to address. If it has become a set way of playing for many Survivors, then surely it can’t be outlawed completely.

Not only that, it isn’t as if Killers don’t have any other advantages. The technique is a frustrating one from Killer’s point of view, but given that Killers move faster than Survivors, a smarter approach is required to get around pallet looping, but it isn’t overwhelmingly difficult by any means.

Do you use this exploit in Dead by Daylight? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. or the killer just breaks the pallets. not that hard

    bob on July 19 | Reply
  2. Completely agree. Remove pallets, please devs. 4Head

    Griff on July 19 | Reply
  3. The Killer should just go back to genny patrol when that happens. It’s not hard.

    Josh on July 20 | Reply

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