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DC Universe Online Unveils Age Of Justice Content

DC Universe Online is a true compilation and exploration of everything DC Comics. The game lets you be a part of the legendary comics universe by creating a hero or villain and letting them interact with the heroes and villains of DC Comics. Furthermore, players get to re-enact special events from DC Comics history, from battling villains like Staro and the Anti-Monitor, to the latest episode of content where you’ll get to travel back in time to a legendary age.

In the newly revealed “Age of Justice” episode, you will travel back in time to the 1940’s, where a threat is trying to remake the future by undoing the past. You’ll have to team up with the legendary heroes of that era, including the Justice Society of America, Wonder Woman, the Blackhawks, and more in order to stop it. New heroes and villains will show up here, and there will be all-new places to explore and new rewards to get through the experience.

What the team makes clear is just how big in scope “Age of Justice” is, because this episode will take you to numerous timelines and even different versions of the DC universe. So prepare for a grand adventure.

There will be multiple open-world missions for you to partake in, including one in Area 51! Where cracks in time are appearing and it looks as if the 1940’s and the present day are trying to merge into a single place in time.

Another has you being guided by legendary time traveler Rip Hunter as he tries to restore time by figuring out an anomaly that has suddenly appeared. You’ll soon find notorious villain Vandal Savage behind it, and have to stop him.

And of course, DC Universe Online will give you cool rewards for completing these missions and more. Including some very stylish Blackhawks style uniforms! Be sure to check out the full breakdown so you can see what you are in for. “Age of Justice” will arrive in DC Universe Online on June 1st!

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