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DC Universe Online “Age Of Justice” Episode Now Live

DC Universe Online has never been afraid to embrace the past of DC Comics, as it’s pulled characters from all walks of the publisher’s history and put them into the game. But now, you’ll get to go back to a time-honored period in order to save the world, and get to fight alongside some of the greatest heroes of all time to do so.So get ready, because the “Age of Justice” is here, and if you don’t help save things, the future won’t be the same.

In this all-new episode of the fan-favorite MMORPG, Per Degaton and his cohorts have gone back in time, finding out that the 1940’s are very susceptible to manipulation on a grand scale that can change the world forever! Not the least of which would affect every single hero from the 1940’s and beyond! Now, as either a hero or a villain you’ll have to travel back in time and work alongside the Justice Society of America or the Blackhawks (or both!) to stop them.

The Age of Justice brings a lot of new content to DC Universe Online. There are two new open-world areas that have new missions for you to complete in “War Torn Village” and “Time Torn¬†Area 51”, along with new raids in “Ultimate Soldier” and “Justice For All”. Add to all of that, you’ll be able to try and get all-new collectibles, all new gear and items from the 1940s that’ll make you look like a retro hero, and much more!

If you’re already a member when this went live, you’ll get a special item for free in the Bombshell Wonder Woman shield. This update is rather appropriate as the Wonder Woman film has now released, and it took takes viewers back in time. So maybe they were planning this to coincide.

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