Superman Multiverse

DC Rebirth has been a big success for DC Comics, paving the way for readers old and new to return to the writing style, and stories, of the DCU before it underwent its Flashpoint/New-52 changes. One of the big changes though was bringing back the pre-Flashpoint Superman into the fold, and killing off the New 52 version. The new Superman has faced many challenges so far, but this most recent one? Goes far beyond the scope.

In the DCU, there are multiple universes (affectionately called The Multiverse) comprised of heroes, villains, and worlds, that often relate to our “Prime Earth” universe. For example, there’s one where all the heroes and villains from our Earth are gender swapped. There’s another in which Superman lands in Russia instead of Kansas. One where the SHAZAM! family are the main superheroes, and there’s even one where our Justice League are the bad guys.

In the recent Superman #14, the Multiverse came straight to him, as the villain Prophecy, and his henchmen the Gatherers, have been going through the Multiverse to try and get all the Supermen they can that meet a certain criteria, whatever that is.

This led to two big crossovers. First, the Red Son Superman came over to our Earth on the run from Prophecy. Then, after a big battle, a Multiverse team lead by the Superman of Earth-22 revealed that one of the other Supermen of our Earth, Kenan Kong, the New Super-Man of China, was on Prophecy’s list. Despite a heroic effort, they weren’t able to stop him from getting captured.

What’s worse, it appears that Prophecy is experimenting on Multiverse Supermen, as proven when he turned Captain Carrot…into a straight up rabbit.

Thankfully, we don’t have to wait too long to figure out what’s going on. As the next issue of Superman goes on sale January 19th.


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