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DayZ Team Update Players On Status Of Game

Day Z has been on Steam Early Access for some time, the survival game puts you in the middle of the end of the world in regards to a zombie apocalypse and asks you to survive it, which will not be easy to do as this game has permadeath, adding a level of difficulty that makes the game stand out from the others. Due to it being in development so long, the team tries to give constant updates as to what is going on with them, and the latest one has been released.

The team laments the fact that a recent string of illnesses that occurred after Gamescom have hurt their recent scheduled plans, but they’re back at it, and are looking forward to what’s coming next. Creative Director Brian Hicks for example can’t wait to show off a new piece of technology that’ll literally change how you look at the game, as DayZ will be getting a new renderer. And also via an upcoming update, the mechanics of the game will change in a big way.

But that doesn’t mean that the testing will stop, or at least, not yet it won’t, as the team notes that they plan to make sure the game is as polished as it can be before it exits Steam Early Access. They’re grateful to the players who have been testing the game so far, and are very grateful to those who have helped find things that can be refined so that the game can be more refined as a result.

Such as with the new animations that are being implemented in DayZ. In fact, some of these animations were shown off at Gamescom, and the feedback was very positive, proving to the team that this was the way to go. Be sure to check out the full list of things that are coming to the game, as the team has big plans for the future.

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