Das Tal May Patch Overview

Dean Moses
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One of the minds behind Das Tal has given details on the May patch.

If you are unfamiliar with Das Tal, it is a sandbox MMORPG that blends the genre’s traditional mechanics with MOBA elements.

Game Director Alexander Zacherl took to the official website’s blog to give a brief overview of the changes made this month.

“Today marks the end of a really fun two-week sprint for us. In it we didn’t only get to work on massive changes to the game infrastructure (we’re working on a new world editor that I’ll tell you about in another blog post). We also found the time to add a ton of new combat abilities to the game. You’ll see the list below,” he wrote.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 3.37.23 PM

Zacherl proceeded to highlight more of the game’s new additions, such as adding a wait time to abilities that have been subject to abuse, and increasing base health fights. He explained that these features might be small but they will “drastically change the current meta game.”

This latest batch of updates indicates that the developers are listening to fans and are trying to adjust the experience accordingly.

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