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DarkFall Security Breach

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Dark Fall’s Rise of Agon Client has suffered a security breach, with developers calling it “substantial.”

The original DarkFall Online was an MMORPG from developer Aventurine SA. However, servers were closed permanently all the way back in November 2012. Since then fans of the game created a petition calling for its return, and that is exactly what Ubergames and Big Picture Games have been working on doing. Unfortunately, things have taken a bleak turn with the revival.

On May 24 Ubergames took to the DarkFall New Dawn webpage to address fans with a full disclosure of the incident. They wrote the following:

“Here is what happened:

We were made aware of the breach when BPG opened the server for the first time. The exact issue is that they did not follow the recommendations that were provided to them for client packaging and simply rushed to release.Before you ask, Aventurine has done a great job at providing us licensees with all we needed to do these releases properly. faasfThey even answered questions and provided materials that were well beyond their responsibility. We are the ones in charge of the implementation, and any outcome positive or negative is on us.So let’s make it clear: this whole mess was completely avoidable.Since then, we have recommended a course of action to reduce the spread of the leak and improve BPG’s next release. We agreed to help because it was the only way to make sure this would be done properly, and it was under the condition that it would not reopen until all three companies would give a go.BPG reopened without waiting on any approval, with an archive that is still defective. Please understand that we could not say anything about it. Releasing security details such as these harms us as well, and we wanted to limit the impact to players of all three versions.”

Ubergames has promised that DarkFall will only grow stronger from this affair, and will release as initially scheduled. They also provided the following email address: calling it their hacking “hotline.”

You can read the full statement here.



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