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Darkfall: New Dawn Security Breach Results In Delay

After the developers of Darkfall: New Dawn, a tribute game to a fallen IP of old, announced a massive security breach in their servers, it was unclear what the final fate of the game would be. Now, the developers have come out with a statement following the events, including their perceptions and how they intend to avoid similar scenarios in the future. DFND

First and foremost, was an unfortunate yet necessary delay of the game from its early June ETA to late June. The breach that happened is intended to be resolved with the help of some reverse engineering tactics from the developers to ensure that something like this never happens again. The troubles that occurred with this breach were too drastic to allow the game to ship without being resolved.

The developers have established some primary short term goals, including preventing users from previous clients from logging onto servers. They also intend to invest in a new infrastructure dedicated for hacking weeks.

While this breech has impacted the Darkfall franchise as a whole, the developers have made it clear that they will not allow this to stifle their efforts. Their resolve to achieve will see to an eventual launch.

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